The very first impression received when observing the iris is its overall appearance in the sense of how light or how dark it is, how many holes there are (or the lack thereof), lesions, colors and textures. This "overall" impression gives a feeling for the constitutional character of the iris.

To illustrate, let's make a comparison to the varying degrees of texture found in textiles; i.e., that of fine silk, cotton weave, coarse burlap or cheesecloth. The closeness of the fibers and their uniformity indicates a constitutional strength. A person with these characteristics rarely gets ill, is able to recover quickly and responds rapidly to proper treatment. The more irregular and open-spaced the fiber structure is, the more weakness is indicated in that body. Maintaining a high health level is more difficult for this body and greater awareness of those forces and practices that enhance vitality is needed, vitality is needed.

The stronger the constitution, the greater the ability to hold nutrients, carry away metabolic waste and carry on with life-giving cellular activities.

The weaker constitution cannot maintain nutrient levels, metabolic processes are slower, and toxic accumulations are more likely. Nonetheless, a weak constitution properly cared for can have good health and a long life. A strong one not cared for can be rapidly burned out and lost.

Often combinations of constitutional strengths are observed within the same body. Constitutional quality is measured on a scale from 1 to 10, with 5 being average, 1 highest.

Large Iridology Chart

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