Chemical And Nutrition Charts

^^he following charts are the result of many years of study and exper-/ ¡mentation in a clinical environment. Nutritional research has proven that the body needs sustenance in correct quality, quantity and combination. By knowing in advance one's weak tissues and organs, as can be revealed by iridology, it is possible to supply needed nutrients and thereby prevent unnecessary illness and disease from occurring.

When rebuilding a broken-down body, it is importantto know what the correct building elements are for particular tissues. The following charts list the major body tissues and organs. Corresponding to each are those vitamins, minerals and herbs that are known to be essential for good health.

Herbs strengthen and support weak tissues. They are naturally occurring sources of nutrition in the form of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and important intrinsic factors, combined in such a way that they are balanced and respond rapidly in the body.

Vitamins act like gasoline in a car engine; they make it go and need to be replenished often. Minerals are the building blocks and make up the foundation and structure of the body. The body needs them all in a correct balance to have and hold on to good health.

It is often said that it's easier to maintain good health and keep it than to try and regain that which has been lost. A fool can take a good body and good health and ruin it quickly through improper living while a wise man can take a poor body and treat it well and make it last a long time.

By supplying the needed vitamins, minerals, etc., it is possible to assist the body in its struggle to overcome imbalance. In this way weare able to prevent a strong tissue that is working hard to recover, from losing out to fatigue and starvation, thus becoming another weakness.

After determining those areas of the iris which show a need, refer to the charts for a reference giving the corresponding vitamin, mineral or herb.

Once this is done, proceed to the chart giving the mineral analysis. Here you will find greater detail concerning the desired elements.

The Mineral Deficiency Symptoms chart will assist in making a correct nutritional choice for problems that are listed. Likewise, refer to the M ineral Analysis chart for a detailed description of needed minerals.

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