Arcus Senilis

The mark of old age is usually found in the uppermost portion ol the iris, inzone7, inthe brain area and on the periphery. It has the appearance of being a portion of a sodium ring. Anatomically, it is a portion of the sclera coming over the edge of the cornea. This sign is an indication of cerebral anemia. It appears as an arc, white and often fuzzy at the edges. It makes the iris look almond shaped or oval.

When blood oxygenation and circulation are poor, the brain tissues are not getting what they need in nutrition. Metabolic waste is not being removed as quickly as it should. Often times there is an associated dulling of the cerebral abilities and functions; things aren't as clear as they should be.

This condition is being found more and more in young people. Proper and vigorous exercise are needed to get the blood moving and to give the brain the oxygen it needs.

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