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Dr. Bernard Jensen's lifetime dedication to his work has brought him world-wide acclaim as an author, lecturer, teacher, nutritionist, iridologist, longevity philosopher, world traveler and humanities researcher. His honors have been many, including the International Iridology Gold Medal Award in 1973 at a convention of doctors in San Remo, Italy.

In 1929, Dr. Jensen graduated from West Coast Chiropractic College of Oakland, California, and in 1932, graduated from the International School of Professional Arts & Sciences in San Francisco, receiving his diploma in the Science of Iridiagnosis. He continued his studies with some of the world's most renowned doctors and teachers of the Healing Sciences. Dr. Jensen has worked with over 300,000 patients and students, many of them doctors and professionals, and continues his unceasing work and contributions to the nature cure sciences.

  1. Jensen has retired from public practice and is now devoting his tireless energies to teaching the art and science of iridology to the profession, and publishing the accumulated wisdom of a lifetime devoted to the natural healing art. He teaches a rejuvenation class to a select group of students one week each month, believing the informed person is the one who can keep himself well.
  2. Jensen conducts iridology seminars and internships at his home in Escondido, California, and at locations throughout the world. As president of Iridologists International, he publishes an instructor's manual and other literature on iridology.
  3. Jensen has completed 50 years of practice with the inclusion of iridology throughout these years, and he truly believes that nutrition and iridology are two inseparable partners.
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