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Natural Insomnia Program is credited to Christian Goodman, who is a health expert, and he is willing to help those people suffering from insomnia for long. Many people end up suffering from the sleepless night, which ends up affecting their following day schedule. For instance, the author sleepless night has destructed his marriage and also career, but with the help of the program, he has been to overcomes this problem. Through the various studies, it shows that most of the people sleep after 45 minutes, but with the help of the program, this would be reduced to 10 to 15 minutes. The most common solution to relaxing the body is through linguistic audio, which would help the brain to relax and thus sleep effectively. Many people have used the program, and they have ended solving the problem entirely. The program is available either in the video series and e-Book and works within the shortest time possible. Read more...

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A good night's sleep is whatever allows a person to feel rested, refreshed, and alert during the day. Some people need 9 to 10 hours, while others only 6 hours. Insomnia is a persistent difficulty in obtaining adequate sleep. Symptoms can include difficulty in falling asleep, frequent awakenings with difficulty falling back asleep, or poor quality, light sleep. Between 25 and 30 of adults suffer from insomnia. Insomnia can have many causes, including stress, depression, anxiety, or poor nutrition.

Diet Insomnia

For the evening meal, foods that contain a high tryptophan to total protein ratio should be eaten. Tryptophan is the precursor for brain synthesis of serotonin, a sleep-inducing neurotransmitter (see pp. 109).1 Eating a tryp-tophan-rich supper (or late-evening snack) together with ample carbohydrate can improve sleep quality. Carbohydrates stimulate production of insulin, and insulin enhances uptake of tryptophan into the brain. Although alcohol has a sedative effect that can hasten sleep onset, heavy alcohol intake often produces light, unsettled sleep and increases nighttime awakening. Because alcohol can interfere with deep sleep, alcoholic nightcaps should generally be avoided A better bedtime drink is a glass of warm milk. Milk is rich in tryptophan and calcium, both of which have a calming effect and may improve sleep quality. The more caffeine consumed during the day, the higher the risk of insomnia. Consumption of coffee, tea, or cola drinks should be avoided within 6 hours of...

Preparation For Sleep

The following is a list of suggestions on how to prepare for sleep, adapted from the July 1992 issue of the University of California at Berkeley Wellness Letter. Readiness for sleep sets the stage for a good night's rest. In a recent study one group of insomniacs was treated with Halcion (a tranquilizer), while another learned to do some muscle relaxation combined with the steps listed below. At first the Halcion group got more sleep. However, the other group had caught up by the second week, and by the fifth week the behavior-training group was both falling asleep faster and sleeping better than the group using Halcion. Here is the program for sleep they were given 2. If your sleeplessness stems from worry or grief, try to correct what's bothering you, accepting that you may not be able to change your situation overnight, but by taking one step at a time positive changes can be achieved. A pastor, counselor, or trusted friend may provide support through the difficulty. 3. Don't drink...

How Caffeine Affects the Body

Caffeine is best known for its stimulant, or wake-up, effect. Once a person consumes caffeine, it is readily absorbed by the body and carried around in the bloodstream, where its level peaks about one hour after consumption. Caffeine mildly stimulates the nervous and cardiovascular systems. It affects the brain and results in elevated mood, decreased fatigue, and increased attentiveness, so a person can think more clearly and work harder. It also increases the heart rate, blood flow, respiratory rate, and metabolic rate for several hours. When taken before bedtime, caffeine can interfere with getting to sleep or staying asleep. Some people are more sensitive to the effects of caffeine than others. With frequent use, tolerance to many of the effects of caffeine will develop. At doses of 600 milligrams (about six cups of coffee) or more daily, caffeine can cause nervousness, sweating, tenseness, upset stomach, anxiety, and insomnia. It can also prevent clear thinking and increase the...

Weight Loss Drugs and Supplements

In order to do so these drugs must increase one or more chemicals in the brain that affect appetite, namely serotonin. Phen-fen coupled phentermine with fenfluramine, an amphetamine which was removed from the market in 1996 because of an increased risk of cardiovascular complications. Side effects of sibutramine can include mild increases in blood pressure and heart rate, headache, dry mouth, constipation, and insomnia. Phentermine along with other appetite suppressants (phendimetrazine (Bontril, Plegine, Prelu-2, X-Trozine, Adipost) and diethylpropion (Tenuate, Tenuate dospan) can cause sleeplessness and nervousness.

Food Choices Control for PMS

Do you experience uncomfortable symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) Women describe as many as two hundred symptoms physical, such as acne, backaches, bloating, tender breasts, and headaches food cravings and psychological, such as anxiety, irritability, and insomnia.

Signs and Symptoms of Deficiency

Unrecognized thiamin deficiency can produce ill-defined symptoms, such as irritability, depression, fatigue, and insomnia, particularly in people with increased thiamin requirements (e.g., pregnant and breastfeeding women, women taking oral contraception, adolescents, diabetics, heavy alcohol users, the chronically ill). Mental confusion, defects in learning and memory, frequent headache, insomnia

GABA and Growth Hormone

The growth hormone (GH) in the human body is produced from the liver and other organs (kidney, heart, skeleton, skin, and brain) . It secretes insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) to stimulate the pituitary gland. The amount of secreted human growth hormone is related to age, drug (amphetamine, heroin), disease (alcoholism, cranial nerve degradation), and mood stress (such as melancholia, anxiety, and insomnia) . As the ratio of GH and IGF-1 changes, the lean body mass (LBM) may shrink, and the adipose tissue increases and the bone density is reduced . 60 Therefore, normal secretion of growth hormone is a good way to keep young

Other Additives to Avoid Aspartame Nutra Sweet Equal

There is also evidence that aspartame can worsen depression in those already suffering from the condition, may cause weight gain and insomnia, worsen diabetic control, aggravate multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases, precipitate migraine headaches, trigger seizures, cause blindness, and may also damage a fetus' developing brain. One component of aspartame is aspartic acid, a known excitotoxin. Even small concentrations in gum have been shown to precipitate headaches.

Taking Time to Recover

Some physical symptoms include loss of appetite, losing weight (without trying), insomnia, frequent colds or respiratory infections, and muscle or joint pains that seem to have no cause (Sherman and Maglischo 1991). Mental symptoms included irritability and anxiety, either of which may be accompanied by depression. Unusually poor performance in training or competition and lack of improvement even when you're maintaining diligent training can also indicate overtraining. If you are experiencing two or more of any of these symptoms, be aware that your training could be doing more harm than good.

The Menopausal Transition

Menopause signals the end of child-bearing capacity, and is also associated with changes in susceptibility to various chronic diseases, including breast cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis.66 Differences in age at menopause between vegetarian and omnivorous women, should they exist, could be associated with differences in chronic disease patterns between these groups. Furthermore, some women experience unpleasant symptoms during menopause (vasomotor symptoms such as night sweats and hot flushes, mood swings, insomnia, weight gain, headaches, and fatigue),67 and these symptoms have been observed to differ among women in different cultures.67,68 Whether dietary variables contribute to these differences in symptom experiences has not been clearly established, but there is speculation that they could.68-70 Some of these dietary differences may also exist between vegetarian and omnivorous women. Accordingly, after defining and describing the menopausal transition, available research on...

Behavioral and Neurological Effects of Mercury Exposure During Childhood

Over seventy years ago medical doctors recognized an unusual syndrome in those exposed chronically to low levels of mercury, something they named erethism. This syndrome is characterized by unusual irritability, timidity or shyness, weakness, and at times delirium. More recently, we have had added to the list insomnia, apathy, impaired concentration and memory, abnormal motor coordination, suicidal tendencies, and personality changes. Children exposed to higher levels of mercury have had these symptoms persist for as long as eighteen to thirty years following exposure.55

Have You Ever Wondered

. . . can food choices reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia A syndrome more common in women in their twenties and thirties than in men, fibromyalgia results in chronic pain in fibrous tissues, muscles, tendons, and other connective tissues, and often sleeplessness. Although there's no known cure, a healthy weight helps keep pain in check by putting less pressure on muscles and tissues around joints. Relieving stress, staying physically active, and avoiding caffeine six to eight hours before sleeptime helps. For more sleep-promoting tips, see Drink Smart and Get YourZzzzzzzs in chapter 8. Some herbal supplements are touted for relief, but research isn't conclusive some may be harmful.

Then one day you take a good look in the mirror

While most people get the blues at one time or another, some experience intense depression for prolonged periods. Left unresolved, depression can sap energy, suppress libido, hinder the ability to concentrate, produce sleep disorders, and generally rain on your parade of life.

Motives For Consumption

These motives to drink coffee, essentially all of a positive nature, imply that the disturbing effects of coffee on sleep are confounded by other aspects. Illustrative of this view is research by De Groen et al. (1993), who studied snoring and anxiety dreams in 98 veterans from World War II. Fifty-five of them suffered from current posttraumatic stress disorder. The outcome showed that the association between snoring and anxiety dreams was independent of many factors that were expected to be related, one of which was coffee consumption. A comparable study was done in 14,800 male twins, born between 1939 and 1995, who served the army in Vietnam between 1964 and 1975 (Fabsitz et al., 1997). Responses were collected from 8870 men on the frequency of their sleep problems as reported on the Jenkins sleep questionnaire, which inventories the prevalence of at least one sleep problem per month. Sixty-seven percent of the respondents awoke often, 61.5 awoke tired or worn out, 48.1 experienced...

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

This often happens when infants or toddlers fall asleep while sucking on a bottle. Breastfed infants are usually not at risk, unless they feed for extended periods. The carbohydrates in the drink (lactose in milk, or fructose in fruit drinks) mix with the normal bacteria in the mouth. This bacteria is found in the plaque on teeth and gums. When plaque mixes with carbohydrates, acids are formed that dissolve tooth enamel, causing tooth decay and dental caries. To prevent baby bottle tooth decay, a child should not be put in bed with a bottle and the bottle should be taken away as soon as mealtime is over. Further, only formula or water should be put in a bottle juices and sweet drinks should be offered in a cup. see also Infant Nutrition Oral Health.

Step Total Relaxation

You will now be in an incredibly relaxed state, but we are going to go further. By the way, if you should fall asleep, don't worry. Try again the next night, it takes time to master. THREE I am falling into a deep, deep sleep, very relaxed very heavy, sinking now, very heavy

Heart Yin Vacuity Xin Yin Xu

Inner restlessness, anxiety, trouble falling asleep with many dreams, trouble sleeping through the night, thirst, dry mouth, agitation, red cheeks, subfebrile (below normal) body temperature in the evening. Especially important differential symptom Night sweat, hot flushes, hot feet and soles of feet.

Nutrition in the Second Year

The development of healthy eating skills is a shared responsibility parents and caregivers provide a selection of nutritious, age-appropriate foods, and decide when and where food is eaten toddlers decide how much they want to eat and, at times, even whether they eat (Satter, 1987). To encourage healthy eating skills, parents and caregivers have an obligation to recognize and respond appropriately to their toddler's individual verbal and non-verbal hunger cues (e.g. restlessness or irritability) and to satiety cues such as turning the head away, refusing to eat, falling asleep or playing (Satter, 1990). Infants can be encouraged to feed themselves at the beginning of a meal when they are hungry, but may need help if they tire later in the meal. Pressuring infants to eat by using excessive verbal encouragement (e.g. empty your bottle or cup or clean your plate ) may lead to negative attitudes about eating, poor eating habits or excessive feeding that may foster excess weight gain...

Your Anti Jet Lag Plan

No evidence shows anti-jet lag formulas or diets are effective. You may have heard anti-jet lag claims about a dietary supplement called melatonin. While this claim may be partially true, the amount of melatonin that promotes sleep is far less than the amount in over-the-counter products. For more information on melatonin and other supplements, see chapter 23.

Cognition And Performance

Research has demonstrated that caffeine often decreases both simple and choice reaction times (RTs). These effects have been seen in the evening (Babkoff et al., 2002), in elderly people (Bryant et al., 1998), at normal room temperatures but not at unusually low temperatures (Kruk et al., 2001), and across a variety of tasks, conditions, and groups (Durlach, 1998 Smit and Rogers, 2000). There are, however, contrary findings, showing no effect at higher dosage levels (Roache and Griffiths, 1987), in elderly participants (Swift and Tiplady, 1988), or in self-paced RT tasks, particularly when there has been no prior sleep deprivation (Ruijter et al., 2000). In fact, one recent study demonstrated a reversal, in which caffeine actually increased RT (Hespel et al., 2002). The variability in results appears to reflect differences in groups, tasks, dosage levels, and amount of sleep deprivation, and more research will be required if these are to be fully addressed.

Effects Of Caffeine On Mood

It can be argued that the purest or most basic psychological effect of caffeine is an increase in feelings of alertness produced by the arousing effects of the drug as it blocks adenosine receptor action. In effect, the physiological state of arousal produces the psychological state of alertness. While some might argue that alertness is not, strictly speaking, a mood state, it certainly is a psychological state, and increases in alertness are among the most consistent effects of caffeine (Leathwood and Pollet, 1982-1983 Warburton, 1995 Hindmarch et al., 1998 Kamimori et al., 2000). Although it does occur under normal waking conditions, the effect of caffeine on alertness is more pronounced under low arousal conditions, as may occur early in the morning (Smith et al., 1992) or at night (Smith et al., 1993) and following sleep deprivation (Brauer et al., 1994). More generally, the drug may have greater alerting effects in fatigued subjects (Rusted and Yeomans, 2002) and under demanding...

Guinness is good for you

Poster Slogan About Nutrition

Fig. 1.1 Marketing slogans from Guinness. (a) Poster from 1932. The seven pints represented both the days of the week and the seven beneficial reasons for drinking Guinness 'strength, nerves, digestion, exhaustion, sleeplessness, its tonic effects and for the blood'. (b) Poster from 1945. The Ministry of Information's 'Dig for Victory' slogan was adapted and integrated into the 'Guinness for Strength' campaign. The GUINNESS

Heart Fire Flaming Upward Xin Huo Shang

Intense emotional symptoms such as inner restlessness, anxiety, sleep disorders with nightmares, emotional instability and impulsiveness, red face, erosion and ulceration in the mouth area (canker sores), bitter taste in mouth, dark urine. Tongue Red tip, yellow fur, red dots Pulse Rapid, strong

Strengthening the Heart Muscle

Hawthorn extract can cause agitation, insomnia, GI complaints, and headaches. It should not be used with cardiac glycoside medications, since it can potentially increase toxicity. Some herbs such as digitalis leaf, figwort, motherwort, and lily of the valley roots also contain cardiac glycosides. Do not use with fenugreek, ginger, Panax ginseng, parsley, devil's claw, or coltsfoot.

Hormonal Wars The Conflict From Within

Since Cortisol, a product of the adrenal gland cortex, is a primary stress hormone, it's activated by any type of stress the higher brain centers that govern its release perceive. Since stress is ubiquitous, the body is constantly secreting Cortisol, with peaks in the early morning hours and a low during the initial stages of deep sleep. Still another over-the-counter hormone that has been suggested as a Cortisol blocker is melatonin, a hormone synthesized in the pineal gland of the brain from the amino acid tryptophan. While melatonin is un-

Valerian Root Valeriana Officinalis

Use Three decades of extensive research have shown that valerian root is like a minor tranquilizer. It is known as a sleeping aid, and it might be useful for insomnia, mild anxiety and restlessness, lowering blood pressure, and reducing symptoms of menstruation and menopause. To date, it has not been proven to be habit-forming.

Women Weight and Menopause

Another problem is that sleep patterns commonly change in midlife, often due to night sweats and a husband who snores. Many women end up feeling exhausted most of the time. Exhaustion and sleep deprivation can easily drain motivation to routinely exercise, and this perpetuates more muscle loss and extends the drop in metabolism. Sleep deprivation itself is also associated with weight gain. Adults who sleep less than seven hours per night tend to be heavier than their well-rested counterparts. When you are sleep deprived, your appetite grows. The hormone that curbs your appetite (leptin) is reduced, and the hormone that increases your appetite (grehlin) become more active (Taheri et al. 2004). Hence, you can have a hard time differentiating between being hungry or tired. In either case, cookies and chocolate can be very tempting.

Endocrine Effects of MSG

The brain destruction of test animals first observed by Dr. Olney in 1969 was localized in a small group of cells in the hypothalamus called the arcuate nucleus, a tiny group of neurons that controls the release of the regulating factor for growth hormone, and may also be responsible for other pituitary hormones. Animals fed MSG not only produced less growth hormone, they also lacked the normal release pattern seen in all other mammals, including humans.250 Normally the pituitary gland secretes growth-regulating hormone in spurts, with an extra blast occurring when we fall asleep or take a nap, one reason why it is so important for children to get plenty of sleep.

Vitamin D and other aspects of health Behaviour

Specific vitamin D receptors are found in parts of the brain and spinal cord (Maxwell, 2001). Seasonal changes in 25-OHD and 1,25-OHD could have an effect on hormonal function, mood and behaviour. For example, seasonal affective disorders (SAD) appear to have a latitude gradient, with mood changes due to a reduction in daylight hours and altered circadian secretion of melatonin. Whether seasonal changes in UV light and vitamin D contribute is unknown.

Seven Challenges For Physical Wellness

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning Are you able to sleep restfully through the night Do you try to establish and stick to a regular sleep schedule, so you wake up refreshed and ready to go Are you able to sleep within 30 minutes of falling asleep We all know quality of sleep is a wonderful restorer. Work with your coach or see a sleep expert if this is a concern for you.

Antioxidant Properties Of Wine

The potential adverse effects of some individual polyphenols have also been studied. For example, in subjects consuming about 1 g d EGCG supplements, approximately the dose found in people who drink 10 cups of green tea d, some stomach discomfort was noted that resolved if the tablets were taken after a meal. Some transient sleeplessness was also reported, but could be due to caffeine contamination of the extract. The LD50 in rats is reported to be 5g kg in males and 3.1 g kg in females, suggesting that EGCG has relatively low acute toxicity, but may express teratogenicity at concentrations potentially achievable with daily consumption. In addition, sensitivity to EGCG reportedly has induced asthma in workers at a green tea factory (Clydesdale, 1999). Thus, concerns of allergic reactions, much like those reported with herbal teas, may need to be considered in susceptible individuals.

Hypothalamic Neuropeptides That Stimulate Food Intake

In addition to directly stimulating food intake, the hypocretins orexins may also influence energy homeostasis in other ways. For example, hypocretin levels increase in response to exercise, neuroglycopenia, and enforced wakefulness (16). Hypocre-tin-secreting neurons localize exclusively to the lateral hypothalamus, the region of the brain long known to integrate appetite signals. Although intriguing as modulators of food intake, interest in the hypocretins orexins shifted to their role in sleep regulation when the genes for hypocretins orexins were found to be the loci for narcolepsy (18, 19). Documented mutations in the human hypocretin orexin genes are rare among patients with sleep disorders, but nearly 90 percent of patients with narcolepsy-cataplexy have subnormal cerebrospinal fluid hypocretin levels (20).

The thirty gram rule exposed By Will Brink

Why you ask Because in all my years of searching the medical data banks, talking to researchers and falling asleep in the medical library after hours of reading, I have been unable to find exactly where this advice comes from or what it's based on. Sound complicated It is. Believe me I am leaving out a great deal of information so you won't fall asleep

After dietary assessment recommend nutrient supplements for vegan diets which are found to be nutrit

The etiology of nursing caries is multifactorial. Nursing bottle syndrome has been attributed to giving a bottle of sugar-containing beverage during sleep time or to pacify an infant, bottle feeding past 12 months of age and the use of sweetened pacifiers. Bathing teeth in nutrient-containing liquids (milk, fruit juices and fruit drinks, or carbonated, sugar-containing beverages) provides a continuous supply of nutritional substrate for dental bacteria to proliferate. This may result in carious teeth. When an infant is asleep, liquid can pool in the mouth, and salivary flow and oral cleaning are diminished (Herrmann and Roberts, 1987). Children who fall asleep with a bottle in their mouth are at significantly greater risk of caries than infants who discard the bottle before falling asleep (Schwartz et al., 1993). The use of bottles or pacifiers dipped in sugar, syrup or honey during the day or night can also cause damage to the infant's deciduous (primary)...

Kava Kava

Use This herb addresses anxiety, tension, restlessness, stress, and insomnia. The relaxing properties of kava are related to kavalactones, the primary active ingredient. High-quality kava contains 5.5-8.3 percent of these compounds, which create changes in the brain activity that are similar to the effects of anti-anxiety drugs without their sedative or hypnotic effect.

GABA and Depression

Evidence from preclinical and clinical data suggests that GABA plays a role both in the pathophysiology of depression and bipolar disorder and in the mechanisms of action of antidepressant agents 30,31 Low GABA concentrations and receptor activity in the brain cause depression, palpitation, insomnia, learning disorders, and memory failure .29,32-34 GABA concentration in the CSF is inversely correlated with the severity of depression 35

Energy Boosters

Ephedra (also called Ma Huang, epitonin, and sida cordifolia) is a central nervous system stimulant that is sold as an energy booster or fat-burning supplement. Marketed as Metabolife, Xenadrine, Herbal Rush, Energy Rush, Thermoburn, or Thermofuel (among others), ephedra may delay fatigue by sparing the body's glycogen reserves during exercise. However, it can also increase blood pressure, respiration rate, heart rate, anxiety, migraines, and irregular heartbeat, and it can cause insomnia, psychosis, and nervousness. Ephedra and caffeine are often present in the same product, which can be detrimental to the heart. The maximum safe level of ephedra is 24 mg per day, but many products contain over 300 mg per dose. This supplement is contraindicated in those with a history of heart disease or hypertension, kidney or thyroid disease, seizure disorder, or diabetes.

Fat Soluble Vitamins

Although your body controls the creation of vitamin A from beta-carotene, it has no control when you ingest straight vitamin A, which can be found in vitamin tablets. Over-supplementation can be extremely toxic, resulting in general fatigue and weakness, severe headaches, blurred vision, insomnia, hair loss, menstrual irregularities, skin rashes, and joint pain. In extreme cases, there can be liver and brain damage. Huge doses taken in the prenatal period can cause birth defects.

GABA and Sleep

GABA is a good therapy medicine for sleeplessness . Sleeplessness caused by stress and strain is a common sickness in modern society. In addition, aging may decrease the quality of sleep and lead to sleep deprivation . Sleeplessness is associated with changing the sleep electroencephalogram (EEG) and endocrine activity. The effects of sleeplessness are spending more time awake, having less slow-wave sleep (SWS) and rapid eye movement (REM) during sleep,38 and having low growth hormone secretion39 and hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenocortical (HPA) system activity.40 Using seven young male and seven elderly subjects, the effects of 40 hr sleep deprivation on sleep EEG and the secretion of growth hormone, cortisol, and prolactin were studied.41 The results indicated that SWS was less in the elderly than in the young . Total sleep deprivation (TSD) decreased sleep onset latency, REM density, and, by trend, REM latency in the elderly. The use of GABA-benzodiaz-epine can improve sleeplessness...

Habituation Effects

In sports practice it is often suggested that long-term CAF consumption will reduce sensitivity to CAF. Few studies have focused on the effect of long-term CAF consumption on metabolism. It has been shown that the metabolism of CAF is enhanced over time and that there will be some form of addiction, leading to withdrawal symptoms such as headache and sleeplessness, once CAF intake is stopped. However, no data are available on the effects of long-term consumption on the modulation of sports performance over time. Recently Canadian researchers looked at the effects of CAF withdrawal on endurance performance. No effects were found.

Failure to Thrive

Being offered enough calories to meet his or her nutritional needs. Besides calorie unit of food energy impaired growth, other symptoms include tiredness, sleeplessness, irritability, lethargy, resistance to eating, vomiting, and problems with elimination. The child may be suffering from an illness, medical condition, or recurring infections taking medications or come from a poor, distressed, or socially isolated family. To attain normal growth levels, a child with this condition requires from 1.5 to 2 times the normal amount of calories. see also Infant Nutrition.

Acrid Flavor

Fj People with heat symptoms should assiduously avoid acrid flavors Excess causes heat symptoms and can impair the skin (dryness, allergies, itching skin, sun allergy). Through the controlling cycles, acrid flavors can damage mostly liver and gallbladder (ascendant liver yang, or gan yang shang kang, for example irritability, hyperactivity, sleep disorders.) Acrid flavors disperse spirit ( shen ), resulting in inner restlessness, hyperactiv-ity, and sleep disorders. Via the engendering (sheng) cycle, kidney essence may overheat, causing exaggerated sexual desire, sexual compulsions. May weaken muscle tone and cause dryness in large intestine (constipation).

Strategy Sleep Pills

Following the previous nine steps will help you take care of your nutritional intake. Making sure not to skip workouts will also help. So will the addition of a ZMA supplement. While research hasn't provided direct evidence to support a relationship between zinc and or magnesium status and sleep quality, most ZMA users find dramatically improved sleep quality when taking this supplement. Three capsules before bed should do the trick.


Active form of methionine is S-adenosylmeth-ionine (SAM). SAM plays a central role in the synthesis of many important body compounds, including carnitine, choline, epinephrine, melatonin, and nucleic acids. It is particularly active in the brain. Low levels of SAM in the brain can produce lethargy and depression and, when severe, psychiatric disor-ders.1

Endogenous Hormones

Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxy-tryptamine) is proposed to be a factor in the etiology of breast cancer.54 This hormone is secreted by the pineal gland and synthesized during darkness.55 There are a number of proposed mechanisms by which melatonin could effect breast cancer development induction of apoptosis,56 inhibition of cell proliferation,5758 scavenging of reactive oxygen species, and immunomodulation.55 59 Consistent with this theory, observational studies have shown evidence that women who work at night have an elevated risk of breast cancer, while residence in the Arctic, blindness, and visual impairment are all associated with decreased breast cancer risk.60-65 However, a recent large prospective study found no evidence that the level of melatonin was associated with risk of breast cancer.66

Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic acid is part of two very special molecules that impact carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism. These molecules are called coenzyme A (CoA) and acyl carrier protein (ACP). We have mentioned CoA a few times already in regard to acetyl CoA, the feed in molecule for the Krebs' cycle. Furthermore, CoA is also utilized in a chemical reaction in the Krebs' cycle, as well as during the breakdown of fatty acids for ATP production. In these situations, CoA is attached to specific molecules, which enhances their metabolism tremendously. CoA is also necessary for cholesterol and derived steroid hormone (testosterone, estrogens) production as well as melatonin, hemoglobin, and acetylcholine.


Light therapy can help alleviate the symptoms of PMS in some women. The results may be due to the relationship between melatonin, which is produced as a response to changes in visible light, and serotonin, which is a neural transmitter that contributes to a person's emotional outlook. Najlah Feanny Corbis. Reproduced by permission. Light therapy can help alleviate the symptoms of PMS in some women. The results may be due to the relationship between melatonin, which is produced as a response to changes in visible light, and serotonin, which is a neural transmitter that contributes to a person's emotional outlook. Najlah Feanny Corbis. Reproduced by permission.


The presence and levels of antioxidant enzymes in a person depends on heredity as well as nutrition. If one eats a good diet and takes special supplements, the level of these enzymes will be high. Likewise, a diet high in antioxidants, or the use of a mixture of antioxidants, will offer significant protection. In addition, the antioxidants in our diets take a lot of pressure off the antioxidant enzymes so that they do not have to work so hard. Recent studies have shown that melatonin, the supplement that people take for sleep, not only is an excellent antioxidant for the brain, it also increases brain antioxidant enzyme levels.

Type Diabetes

The shape of genetic association studies for type 2 diabetes is set to be transformed in the next few years, with the advent of truly genome-wide association scans. The availability of array-based platforms that will allow the performance of massive parallel genotyping (between 250,000 and 1 million SNPs per assay), combined with the information provided by the International HapMap Consortium, will provide powerful means for a global view of genetic associations in type 2 diabetes (208). Indeed, through the simultaneous analysis of thousands of genetic variants (SNPs) in large diabetes patient cohorts, genome-wide association studies have recently identified the solute carrier family 30 member 8 (SLC30A8), the insulin degrading enzyme (IDE), and hematopoetically expressed homeodomain HHEX (HHEX IDE) genes, as well as the cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (CDK5) regulatory subunit associated protein-1-like 1 (CDKAL1) melatonin receptor 1B (MTNR1E) (274), the insulin-like growth factor 2 mRNA...

Wired science

We start with the simplified rubber bag view of the body presented on page 42. We've installed meters to measure the rate at which calories go in and get burned. The readings from these meters, which vary as the creature inside the rubber bag awakes from a deep sleep, drinks a cup of coffee with two teaspoons of sugar, then runs to catch the bus, are fed to integrators boxes that add up calories over a period of time, say 24 hours, and report the total. The totals are sent to a comparison unit that subtracts the calories burned from calories eaten. The result of this is precisely what we're looking for the calorie shortfall (if negative) or excess (if positive) that determines whether the rubber bag burns off fat or packs it on. The indicator on the eat watch says Eat whenever the balance is negative and goes out when it's positive.

Aids To Caffeine

The most important Zeitgeber in regulating the 24 sleep-wake cycle is light. Therefore, the abundance of light in our 24-h economy, sometimes termed light pollution, will disturb the sleep-wake cycle. On the other hand, the increase of light intensity could be used in situations to keep people awake. To check this option, some studies have been done with bright light only, more recently also combined with caffeine (Wright et al., 1997b Babkoff et al., 2002). Such a study during nighttime hours across 45.5 h of sleep deprivation was done under four conditions (dim light-placebo, dim light-caffeine, bright light-placebo, and bright light-caffeine) (Wright et al., 1997b). Subjects were 46 healthy male volunteers, aged 18 to 25 years, and the study was conducted during the nighttime hours. Measures were alertness and performance. A caffeine dose of 200 mg was given at 8 00 p.m. and at 2 00 a.m. bright light-exposure ( 2000 lux) was from 8 00 p.m. to 8 00 a.m. The combined treatment of...


Physical and or emotional, it releases cortisol as part of the fight or flight cascade that prepares us for short term survival. Prolonged stress from malnutrition, surgery, over training and sleep deprivation, as well as psychological stress, causes a systemic effect that includes increased cortisol secretion resulting in a decline in certain aspects of immune system and other problems.

Dr Lenden Smith

If a teacher reports that a child is fine on Monday morning, doing his work and sitting still and then for no good reason on Monday afternoon he is all over the place, falling asleep or being disruptive, we know his behavior is related to something he ate for lunch. We have to carefully monitor the meals he eats and make sure the child doesn't get any particular food he is sensitive to. Along with milk it is usually corn, wheat, soy, and eggs.

Dr Alan Spreen

This combination is not nearly as good as tryptophane, which was removed from the market a few years ago. There was a really shameful campaign to have it removed by people who claimed tryptophane caused a toxicity reaction. But the toxic reactions had nothing to do with pure tryptophane at all. Tryptophane produced wonderful results. It was the best help for depression, sleep disorders, and mood swings. But I understand that tryptophane is still available out of this country.

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Delay in sleep has been noted after caffeine doses of 100 mg, although there appears to be considerable variation between and even within individuals (29). Estimated time to go to sleep after 300 mg of caffeine varied from 15240 min for one individual, but never exceeded 45 min after consuming a placebo (30). In other studies, regular coffee consumers were relatively insensitive to caffeine's effect on their sleep habits while non-coffee drinkers experienced a delayed onset of sleep (31, 32). Sleep patterns can be influenced by temperature, noise and fatigue as well as habitual caffeine consumption, complicating the evaluation of study results. In contrast to caffeine, theobromine is virtually inactive as a CNS stimulant, although headaches have been reported after ingestion of 50 g of cocoa per day, and sweating, trembling and severe headaches after long-term ingestion of 100 g of cocoa per day (25). Even in large doses, theobromine appears to be ineffective in relieving drowsiness...

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When people think of child allergies they think of hay fever, asthma, eczema, and hives. But there are many other areas of the body that can be affected by allergies. For example, allergies can cause headaches or stomachaches they can affect the bladder, causing your child to wet the bed or to have to run to get to the toilet in time. Allergies can cause leg aches, muscle aches, joint aches, sleep problems, and behavior and learning problems. Some children will become tense, nervous, and irritable. Others will become withdrawn and untouchable, hiding in corners and pulling away when you go to touch them. Others will become very hyperactive and aggressive, but more often they will bite, hit, scream, and do all kinds of nasty things.

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