Contributors vii

Preface ix

Part 1: The Immune System

  1. The Immune System: an Overview 1
  2. Devereux
  3. Evaluation of the Effects of Nutrients on Immune Function 21
  4. Cunningham-Rundles

Part 2: Individual Nutrients, Infection and Immune Function

  1. Effect of Post-natal Protein Malnutrition and Intrauterine Growth Retardation on Immunity and Risk of Infection 41
  2. K. Chandra
  3. Fatty Acids, Inflammation and Immunity 57
  4. C. Calder and C.J. Field
  5. Arginine and Immune Function 93
  6. D. Duff and J.M. Daly
  7. Glutamine and the Immune System 109
  8. C. Calder and P. Newsholme
  9. Sulphur Amino Acids, Glutathione and Immune Function 133
  10. F. Grimble
  11. Vitamin A, Infection and Immune Function 151
  12. D. Semba
  13. Antioxidant Vitamins and Immune Function 171
  14. A. Hughes
  15. Zinc, Infection and Immune Function 193
  16. S. Prasad
  17. Role of Iron in Immunity and Infection 209
  18. Kuvibidila and B.S. Baliga
  19. Selenium and the Immune System 229
  20. C. McKenzie, J.R. Arthur, S.M. Miller, T.S. Rafferty and G.J. Beckett
  21. Probiotics and Immune Function 251
  22. S. Gill and M.L. Cross

Part 3: Nutrition and Immunity through the Life Cycle

  1. Role of Local Immunity and Breast-feeding in Mucosal Homoeostasis and Defence against Infections 273
  2. Brandtzaeg
  3. Food Allergy 321

E. Opara

  1. Exercise and Immune Function - Effect of Nutrition 347
  2. W. Petersen and B.K. Pedersen
  3. Nutrition and Ageing of the Immune System 357
  4. Lesourd, A. Raynaud-Simon and L. Mazari
  5. Nutrition, Infection and Immunity:

Public Health Implications 375

A. Tomkins


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