Approximately 60% of total body weight is water. Thus, adequate amounts of water must be consumed daily to ensure the normal functioning of the body and to replenish lost fluids. Water is found both inside and outside the cells of the body, but most water is inside cells, especially muscle cells. The lowest concentration of water is in bone and fat. Since muscle mass contains more water than fat, the leaner you are, the more body water you have! Water in the body serves many important roles, including:

  • Digesting and absorbing nutrients.
  • Excreting wastes.
  • Maintaining blood circulation throughout the body.
  • Maintaining body temperature.

Worksheet 2-4. Calculate Your Daily Water


Your Body Weight =_lbs.

0.5 x_(body weight) ^ 8 oz. per cup =_cups per day.

Note: Exercise, heat, cold, and altitude can increase fluid requirements. See Chapters 11 and 12.

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