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Funding to develop this guide was received from Health Affairs, Department of Defense (DoD). Our project was one of many health promotion and prevention initiatives selected for funding. The selection of this project indicated a need for resources and materials that address the health and fitness needs of military personnel. We recognize that there are a plethora of books, tapes and websites dedicated to physical fitness and performance nutrition for the general public. However, our goal was to develop a comprehensive resource that is specifically tailored to address the unique physical fitness and nutrition requirements of Navy personnel. Our previous publications include "The Navy SEAL Nutrition Guide" and "The Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide". We hope that the nutrition and fitness information in this guide will be a useful resource for all Navy personnel who are striving to excel on the Physical Readiness Test (PRT). In addition, we hope this guide will promote military readiness by improving the performance of personnel on job-related tasks. Clearly the goals of the guide are broad and extend to both personal and professional aspirations, which are important for any health promotion activity.

A companion self-study guide for Navy personnel is entitled "Peak Performance Through Nutrition and Exercise."

Foreword from David J. Smith, CAPT, MC, USN, FACOEM Executive Officer, US Naval Hospital Rota

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Biometrics and Prevention,


Former Director, Occupational and Community Health, National Naval Medical Center

It is my great pleasure to present the first edition of "Force Health Protection: Nutrition and Exercise Resource Manual." Wellness and health promotion are high priority goals for the Navy. Maintaining personal fitness and sensible nutrition habits is essential to this goal. After the Authors' "The Navy SEAL Nutrition Guide" and "The Navy Seal Physical Fitness Guide" received great acclaim within the Special Warfare community, we felt that a general instructor's guide applicable to all Navy personnel would be very beneficial. The resulting publication provides a common sense approach to achieving improved health for Navy personnel.

Everywhere we look on a daily basis, we are confronted with endless, often conflicting information about nutrition and fitness whether through television, periodicals, Internet, or word of mouth. The quality of this information ranges from sound, scientific based "must-do" information to dangerous mis-information. The authors of this guide have done an excellent job of distilling the vast amount of information available in the professional literature and the lay press, providing an understandable, up-to-date, practical instructor's guide for nutrition and fitness. The goal of this manual is to provide information to help you and your students make informed decisions. Many sections are tailored specifically to meet Navy needs, such as, maintaining physical fitness during deployments, whether in the field or on ships when space is limited, and for altered physical environments, such as, cold, heat and altitude. In addition, it provides sound advice on controversial subjects, such as use of vitamin and protein supplements and performance-enhancing aides. This guide offers scientific based information to serve as a foundation for a fit lifestyle, helping you and others make better, informed decisions concerning diet, exercise, and prevention efforts.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle is an important goal, but like many resolutions, is frequently postponed or not seriously pursued until disease or injury occurs. This manual provides practical, easy to use information for both the beginner to fitness and those who consider themselves informed, but want a scientific basis for their work with others. Please take some time to examine it and see for yourself. Then use the manual's information to help educate your shipmates to make better lifestyle choices and as result enhance their wellness and improve our operational readiness.

Foreword from Jeannette E. South-Paul, COL, MC, USA Chair, Department of Family Medicine, USUHS

Health promotion and disease prevention are increasingly recognized as the best approaches to achieving and maintaining health in the general population. This is even more true in the military. As a smaller overall military force is receiving more taskings for operations other than war, those who serve our nation and overseas must be in good health and at optimal fitness levels. Service members of all ages seek to establish personal training programs that are focused on individual needs, are an efficient use of time, and which will result in measurable improvements.

This guide is an excellent reference for those who will be organizing unit training or advising individual service members. Readers can calculate fitness parameters for individuals at the beginning of a training program and then monitor these indices throughout the program. Specific guidelines are given for all ages and those with specific needs. The distinctive physiologic differences between men and women are discussed to assist in avoiding injury and maximizing training results. Pregnancy is discussed as a condition requiring an adjusted focus rather than a disease.

From a clinician's perspective, this guide is a welcome addition to the armamentarium of resources that can be recommended to patients who have learned appropriate health and fitness goals, but require more detailed, step-wise instruction. A wealth of information on exercise physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, and health that is usually not found in one document is now available in this unique compendium. It will become a true working document for clinicians, commanders, trainers, and service members for many years to come. Enjoy!

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