Basal Metabolic Rate

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Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the amount of energy required to maintain life such as breathing, beating of the heart, and maintaining body temperature. This accounts for the majority (~70%) of the total daily kcals expended. BMR can be estimated by using the equations in Worksheet 1-1. Find the equation that is appropriate for you and calculate your BMR.

Worksheet 1-1. Calculate Your BMR

Equations to Calculate BMR (kcal/day)

Age (years):


Men: 18-30

6.95 x body weight (lbs.) + 679


5.27 x body weight (lbs.) + 879

Women: 18-30

6.68 x body weight (lbs.) + 496


3.95 x body weight (lbs.) + 829

Your BMR is


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