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Hay Fever and Allergies

This eBook addressed the real causes of seasonal allergies like hay fever and other irritating health problems, and provides more informed solutions based on recent research into how to stop allergies at the system level. It doesn't take much now to be able to get rid of allergies, without having to see a doctor, pay huge medical and pharmaceutical bills, or fill your body with chemicals that do more harm than good to your system. However, if you are a doctor or run a clinic of any kind, you can learn things that you can apply to your own clinic to provide maximum benefit to you and your patients. Keep yourself informed with real research! When you find the underlying causes of allergic rhinitis (the medical term for hay fever) you will be far more informed on how to fight this in your own body. Take the natural way to heal yourself!

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Understanding Food Allergies

The most common food culprits linked to allergic reactions are wheat, shellfish, nuts, soybeans, corn, the protein in cow's milk, and eggs. Furthermore, the organs most commonly affected are the skin (symptoms include skin rashes, hives, itching, and swelling), the respiratory tract (symptoms include difficulty breathing and hay fever ), and the gastrointestinal tract (symptoms include nausea, bloating, diarrhea, and vomiting). Some allergic reactions are so severe they can even provoke anaphylactic shock, a life-threatening, whole-body response that requires immediate medical attention.

Effector mechanisms of Thmediated immunity

Th2-biased immune responses are believed to be important in the immune responses against helminth infections. If, however, Th2-biased immune responses are inappropriately directed against innocuous antigens, such as allergens, tissue damage and inflammation may ensue. These inappropriate Th2 responses underlie asthma, eczema, hay fever and some food allergies.

Dampness and Phlegm Conditions

The kidneys, on the other hand, are responsible for the intake and discharge of liquids. If this function is impaired, liquids gather primarily in the lower burner and can lead to formation of edemas. As a rule, good kidney energy (kidney yang) is important for warming and supporting the spleen. Other causes for the formation of phlegm, especially heat phlegm (viscous, yellow phlegm) are external wind-heat disorders that damage the lung, for example acute bronchitis, sinusitis, and hay fever. Heat phlegm can also arise with liver qi stagnation, since heat is formed when the flow of qi is slowed and congested, and heat thickens fluids.

Annie Dr David Jubb Colloidal Biology Secrets Of An Alkaline Body

Wild food connects you immediately to the land. Eating wild food growing in your area acclimates you to the environment. I used to suffer from all kinds of allergies hay fever, pollen, feline, etc. I completely conquered all allergies by undertaking The Sunfood Diet and by eating wild indigenous food. People who are allergic to the pollens of local plants can eliminate these allergies by eating local wild leaves. Many people never eat anything grown locally or wildly in their life This is not the lifestyle for which we were designed.

Dr Doris Rapp

I see patients who don't have asthma and hay fever during the pollen season, but they become suicidal and depressed every year at the same time when a certain tree pollinates, when the grass pollinates, on moldy days, and when the ragweed pollinates. So if you can see a pattern to your depression, it is worth trying to figure out the reason for that pattern.


The immune system has evolved to combat the constant threat of tissue invasion by microorganisms. If, however, the immune system is directed against innocuous antigens or tissue antigens, the same immune responses that are vital for defence against microorganisms can result in autoimmune disease and allergy. The adaptive immune response is reliant on the properties of B- and T-cells that enable the response to be powerful, flexible and antigen-specific and exhibit immunological memory. B-cells secrete antibodies that are effective against extracellular bacteria and their toxins, whereas CD8 T-cells are adept at neutralizing virally infected cells. CD4 T-cells, also known as Th-cells, do not directly neutralize invading pathogens instead, they interact with other cells (e.g. macrophages and B-cells) to direct a coordinated, antigen-specific immune response against microorganisms. CD4 Th-cell differentiation can be usefully considered to be either Th1- or Th2-biased. Th1-biased immune...

Dr Aubrey Whirl

Over a period of years I noticed that patients with candida manifest multiple symptoms. As an allergist, I would of course see patients with asthma, hay fever, and skin rashes. But I began noticing that many of these patients with allergies had other problems such as respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms. Another complaint I see quite frequently is people just not feeling good. They're tense or headachy. They're tired and weak. They have a tendency to depression and fatigue. They're forgetful and unable to concentrate.

What Are Toxins

The result of all of this is an overloaded body that may not be able to keep up with the detoxification demands placed upon it. As the liver struggles to play its role in detoxification, some toxins recirculate through the body, essentially affecting most of the body systems by damaging cells and setting off inflammation which may eventually develop into chronic disease. When overload happens you are mostly likely to experience all kinds of niggly symptoms. Allergies, hayfever, hormonal imbalance, low energy, susceptibility to colds, fatigue, poor alcohol or caffeine tolerance, digestive disturbances and headaches are just a few initial complaints that may occur.