Intestinal epithelial dysplasia or tufting enteropathy

In 1994, three cases of neonatal severe diarrhea with abnormal epithelial pictures were reported by Reifen et al under the name of 'tufting enteropa thy'.36 In our own series at Necker-Enfants Malades, we identified nine cases of severe neonatal diarrhea that were clearly different from MVID.12 Further studies in these patients confirmed that intestinal epithelial dysplasia (IED) is a constitutive epithelial disorder involving both small intestine and colon.37 In our experience, IED seems to be frequent in patients of Arabic origin, from the Middle-East or North Africa. Main characteristics of this disease are its clinical and histo-logical heterogeneity and its association with malformations or other epithelial diseases.

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  • Dominik Schulz
    What is Intestinal epithelial dysplasia?
    8 years ago

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