Functional nonretentive fecal soiling

The Rome II group defined functional non-retentive fecal soiling as follows: once a week, or more, for the preceding 12 weeks, in a child older than 4 years (who failed to be toilet trained), a history of defecation into places and at times inappropriate to the social contacts; in the absence of structural or inflammatory disease; and in the absence of signs of fecal retention. Many studies performed in encopretic children assumed that these children were constipated. Therefore, the new definition of encopresis or functional non-retentive fecal soiling states that this is a separate entity. Although in the current literature sometimes a difference is made between soiling (loss of small amounts of feces due to overflow) and encopresis (normal bowel movement) the terms are used interchangeably. Sometimes the term solitary encopresis is used in a research environment; the children who presented for constipation with soiling and encopresis (around one in three) proved to have solitary encopresis or functional non-retentive fecal soiling without any sign of constipation, and needed a different treatment strategy.4

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