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In the newborn, symptoms may appear during the first hours of life with failure to pass meconium, or in the first week with a picture of intestinal obstruction. However, the delay in passage of meconium is not constant, and a percentage of children still presents late or with complications despite a history of problems since birth. Enterocolitis, the most common complication, is always severe and is an important cause of mortality in these young patients.

In infants and children, the presentation is often less dramatic and may not mimic acute intestinal obstruction (Figure 17.1). Severe constipation and recurrent fecal impaction are more common. Physical examination reveals a distended abdomen and a contracted anal sphincter and rectum in most children. The rectum is devoid of stools, except in cases of short-segment agan-glionosis. As the finger is withdrawn, there may be an explosive discharge of foul-smelling liquid stools, with decompression of the proximal normal bowel.

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