Bile reflux gastropathy

This is also known as alkaline gastritis and describes an ongoing, chronic condition in which bile-containing intestinal contents reflux into the stomach. In animal studies it has been shown that bile salts and other intestinal contents, such as lysolecitin, break down the gastric mucosal barrier, leading to back-diffusion of H+ ions and histological injury. Bile acid salts are also potent releasers of histamine and other mediators from mast cells and induce non-specific cytotoxicity.30

Duodenogastric bile reflux is thought to be a physiological event during the second phase of the interdigestive motor complex and during the postprandial phase, but it is rapidly flushed out during the third phase of the interdigestive period. It may be considered abnormal when it is frequent, when it is abundant or when it is associated with delayed gastric emptying.

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