What Is Food Processing

In This Chapter

^ Processing for preservation ^ Improving taste and nutrition ^ Producing fakes: Fats and sweeteners ^ Following the process of processing

5ay "processed food," and most people think "cheese spread." They're right, of course. Cheese spread is, in fact, a processed food. But so are baked potatoes, canned tuna, frozen peas, skim milk, pasteurized orange juice, and scrambled eggs. In broad terms, food processing is any technique that alters the natural state of food — everything from cooking to freezing to pickling to drying and more and more and more.

In this chapter, you can read all about how each form of processing changes food from a living thing (animal or vegetable) into an integral component of your healthful diet — and at the same time

1 Lengthens shelf life 1 Reduces the risk of foodborne illnesses 1 Maintains or improves a food's texture and flavor 1 Upgrades the nutritional value of foods

What a set of bonuses!

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