Vigorous Vitamins

In This Chapter

  • Understanding the value of vitamins
  • Revealing the best food sources for the vitamins you need ^ Discovering the consequences of taking too many (or too few) vitamins ^ Knowing when you may need extra vitamins
  • Vitamins are organic chemicals, substances that contain carbon, hydro-1T gen, and oxygen. They occur naturally in all living things, plants and animals alike: flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, chickens, fish, cows — and you.

Vitamins regulate a variety of bodily functions. They're essential for building body tissues such as bones, skin, glands, nerves, and blood. They assist in metabolizing (digesting) proteins, fats, and carbohydrates so that you can get energy from food. They prevent nutritional deficiency diseases, promote healing, and encourage good health.

This chapter is a guide to where the vitamins are, how you can add them to your diet, how to tell how much is more than enough of any specific vitamin, and ever so much more . . . maybe more than you really want to know.

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