USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center FNlC

Have you worked your way through every single one of the several thousand listings on the USDA Nutrient Database in the previous section? Then come on over to FNIC, which is part of the USDA National Agricultural Library.

To access its info, slide your mouse over to the box on the left side of the homepage and pick a subject. For me, the best are FNIC Resource Lists and Food Composition.

The first offers, well, resource lists. The second provides pathways to such nuggets of nutritional data as a report on "Isoflavone Content of Foods." (Don't know what an isoflavone is? Stick a pencil in this page and turn back, right now, to Chapter 12.) Yeah, some of the things pasted here may be much more than you ever wanted to know about, well, the isoflavone content of foods, but for the adventurous, this is a su-pah site. Take a flyer and try it.

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