Tufts University Nutrition Navigator

The Tufts University Nutrition Navigator is (or was) the mother of all nutrition guides, a site that evaluated several hundred other Web sites on a 25-point scale measuring content and reliability — for ratings ranging from Among the Best (22-25 points) down to Not Recommended (below 12 points).

The site should be included in this list, but when I went to check it out for this edition of Nutrition For Dummies, this message popped up: "Tufts University Nutrition Navigator (navigator.tufts.edu) is not available at this time. We thank all of you who have visited the site over the past seven years."

Horrors! An e-mail and call to Tufts elicited the information that the University is looking for funding and expects to have the Navigator back online sooner or later. So keep clicking on the address. Sooner (or later) I hope the Navigator returns to help you set a reliable course through the gazillions of nutrition sites.

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