Ten Well Okay Twelve Superstar Foods

In This Chapter

  • Investigating why bison beats beef ^ Experiencing the joy of chocolate ^ Waking up with a few mood-elevators in your cup ^ Examining other foods that raise your mood and keep you healthy ^ Listing foods that may cause problems
  • ver since Eve pulled that apple (really a pomegranate) off the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden, people have been attributing special powers to one food or another.

This chapter is by no means the complete A+ list. For example, I haven't included chicken soup, because what more can anyone say about this universal panacea? Ditto for garlic and onions, both now honored as probably heart-healthy. Winnowing down the list was hard, but somebody had to do it! So here are my nominations for the Top Ten (actually, the Top Twelve, but who's counting?), plus a bonus list of baddies assembled by Men's Health magazine.

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