Ten Easy Ways to Cut Calories

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^ Knowing the value of low-fat foods ^ Cutting down, not cutting out ^ Making substitutions that work ^ Noting a special tip for chopped meat

M osing weight is simple math. If you cut 3,500 calories out of your diet in the course of a week without reducing your daily activity, you can say goodbye to one whole pound of fat.

Yes, I know reading that sentence is easier than actually doing it, so I'm ready to give you two tricks to make the job easier. First, cut your calories in small increments — 50 here, 100 there — rather than in one big lump. Second, instead of giving up foods you really love (and feeling deprived), switch to low-fat versions.

This chapter tells you how to accomplish both. I've included some brandname products just so that you can compare different versions made by the same companies.

Switching to Low-Fat or No-Fat Dairy Products

Milk and milk products are the best source for the calcium that keeps bones strong. But these same products may also be high in cholesterol, saturated fat, and calories. You can reduce all three by choosing a low- or no-fat milk product.

For example, a cup of whole milk has 150 calories, but a cup of skim milk has only 85. One slice of regular Kraft American cheese has 60 calories, but one

356 Part Vl: The Part of Tens slice of Kraft Free American cheese has only 30. A sandwich made with three slices of cheese is 90 calories lighter if the cheese is "free."

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