Phabulous Phytochemicals

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Explaining what phytochemicals are and why they're important

  • Eying accelerating research on phytochemicals
  • Using phytochemicals every day

m ust when you think you have a handle on a big issue like nutrition, the Folks in Charge of Everything toss something new on the table.

I thought I included something about every aspect of food and health in the first edition of Nutrition For Dummies. Then a new word started showing up in nutrition articles and reports. The word is phytochemicals, a five-syllable mouthful meaning chemicals from plants. In addition, I thought it was so interesting that I wrote an entirely new chapter on the subject for NFD/2E (which is what my editor calls the second edition) and NFD/3E. Now here we are in NFD/ 4E, and by golly, finding a nutrition junkie who hasn't heard of phytochemicals is difficult. But what people are hearing has turned around a bit.

Phytochemicals (chemicals manufactured only in plants) are the substances that produce many of the beneficial effects associated with a diet that includes lots of fruits, vegetables, beans, and grains. This chapter gives you a brief summary of the nature of phytochemicals, tells where to find them, and explains how they work.

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