Making Wise Food Choices

In This Chapter

  • Presenting the old and new food pyramids
  • Using MyPyramid to tailor your diet to your age and activity level ^ Translating the Nutrition Facts labels ^ Evaluating health claims on food labels ^ Putting MyPyramid and the Nutrition Facts label to work

This chapter features the new Food Guide Pyramid and the Nutrition Facts labels — and it tells you how to use them to create a healthful diet.

But consider yourself warned: The following pages are packed with numbers and details, maybe more than you ever wanted to know about your daily bread — and everything else on your plate. Don't let the many, many facts and stats turn you off. The information you find here really is useful for making good food choices. Take a deep breath, keep your highlighter handy, and jump right in.

4 Steps To Permanent Weight Loss

4 Steps To Permanent Weight Loss

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