Maintaining the Right Amount of Water in Your Body

As much as three-quarters of the water in your body is in intracellular fluid, the liquid inside body cells. The rest is in extracellular fluid, which is all the other body liquids, such as i Interstitial fluid (the fluid between cells) i Blood plasma (the clear liquid in blood)

i Lymph (a clear, slightly yellow fluid collected from body tissues that flows through your lymph nodes and eventually into your blood vessels)

i Bodily secretions such as sweat, seminal fluid, and vaginal fluids i Urine

A healthy body has just the right amount of fluid inside and outside each cell, a situation medical folk call fluid balance. Maintaining your fluid balance is essential to life. If too little water is inside a cell, it shrivels and dies. If there's too much water, the cell bursts.

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