International Food Information Council IFIC

The International Food Information Council (IFIC), created in 1985, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the relationship between the nutrition community — scientists, food manufacturers, health professionals, government officials — and the news media. Although the council's membership includes corporations that make and sell food products, IFIC plays no role in marketing products or promoting its members. Its aim is to make sure that consumers get accurate information about diet and health.

The IFIC homepage allows you to access features in English or Spanish. Consumers can bypass the professional stuff and head for links under Nutrition and Food Safety Information or click on the "Food Insight Newsletter" or the terrific Glossary of Food-Related Terms.

The site also offers articles on basic nutrition topics, such as functional foods, oral health, dietary fats and fat replacers, and additional resources. The writing is accessible, the information impeccable.

IFIC is a trade group, so purists may complain about some IFIC positions, such as its endorsement of some food additives, but the site's intelligent approach to complex and emotional issues allows you to make up your own mind.

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