Food and Mood

In This Chapter

Uncovering food's effect on the brain ^ Using foods that increase alertness ^ Easing the tension: Foods that calm ^ Planning meals with mood-changing food raw the curtains. Turn down the lights. Come a little closer. We're going to talk about something nutritionists never seem to write about: Food can make you feel good. And I don't mean the simple warm good feelings that follow a fine meal. I mean the pick-me-up-when-I'm-low, calm-me-down-when-I'm-hyper kind of good you usually associate with serious mood-altering drugs.

Why do most nutrition books ignore this subject? Frankly, I haven't a clue. But the nice thing about writing this book is that it gives me the opportunity to pass along a bunch of information that you may otherwise never see.

So here's a chapter on mood and food. The chapter names some of the common, naturally occurring, mood-alerting chemicals in food; explains how these chemicals work; and presents some simple strategies for increasing their effectiveness. Sit back, open a box of chocolates, pour a glass of wine, brew up the espresso — and enjoy.

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