For years, there was nothing but bad news about coffee. Pancreatic cancer. Cystic breasts. High cholesterol. Heart disease. Stroke. Birth defects. Heartburn and reflux. But the worm — okay, the coffee bean — has turned: Later studies show no link at all between drinking coffee and an increased risk of any of these conditions. True, coffee may upset your stomach and keep you up at night, but as Heartburn & Reflux For Dummies (published by Wiley) explains, for most people, these effects are almost always linked to excess consumption. (How much is "excess"? The amount varies from person to person, but when you hit your limit, you'll definitely know. Trust me.)

In the end, the simple fact is that taken in moderation, regular coffee definitely qualifies for anybody's list of super foods. Its most active ingredient, caffeine, elevates your mood and increases your ability to concentrate; may improve your athletic performance; can help shrink the swollen, throbbing blood vessels that make your head ache; and boosts the effect of painkillers, which is why caffeine is often included in over-the-counter analgesic (pain-relieving) products. Which is also why, time after time, the java really does the job.

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Reasons, Remedies And Treatments For Heartburns

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