What kind of carbohydrates

Except for the pre workout meal and the four small meals after working out, the carbohydrates you choose should be slow-digesting ones like vegetables, oatmeal, parboiled rice, lentils and beans.

These carbohydrates keeps your blood sugar in check and don't make you gain fat. Keeping your blood sugar steady is good for many reasons:

You can better control your body fat level You prevent the development of diabetes

Your muscles get more sensitive to insulin meaning they are more willing to take in nutrients

The most important thing for building muscle mass but gain little or no fat is by keeping your blood sugar stable: no lows and just few spikes.

Pavel Ythjall
Photo: Pavel Ythjall (Stockholm Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden 2004)

Within the three hours after working out, opt for fast-digesting carbohydrates like instant rice, white bread, honey, cereal and baked potatoes.

Keep the portions relatively small so all carbohydrates will get absorbed by the muscles and not enter your fat cells.

Low Carb Diets Explained

Low Carb Diets Explained

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