What is good fat good for

It takes care of your muscles, your fat burning potential, your joints and your hormones. Some vitamins need fat to work in your body.

When you drop your intake of dietary fat too low your level of testosterone decreases and that means your strength will suffer and thus your muscles will atrophy.

In women, taking in too little omega 3 and 6 means you stop menstruating. This is no good since that means you lack in estrogen. Without enough estrogen, your bones cannot deposit calcium and thus you can get osteoporosis.

Female fitness athletes and bodybuilders who diet for competitions need to be cautious about this. As your percentage of body fat decreases so does your estrogen. If you were to have a baby you wouldn't be able to feed it with little body fat and so your body puts an end to your periods. That way you won't get pregnant.

If your period has stopped, check your intake of dietary fats first. Is there anything you can change without adding calories if you're dieting? The second choice is to let your body acclimatize. As soon as you stop losing weight, your period will come back but it takes time.

Use birth control pills. When you get a small amount of estrogen replaced your body keeps working well.

I have had several female clients who like not having their period. As soon as I tell them it means your body is slowing down its metabolism which leads to less fat burning, they think again.

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