What about the other meals during the day

I cannot have too many carbohydrates without gaining fat. My body does build muscle easily but I also gain fat pretty easy! For those who are like me I recommend eating a whole lot of green vegetables at the other meals and keep the most carbohydrates just before and after workouts. This is when I need the energy.

I have a big appetite and I wouldn't feel full if I was to eat small portions of high-calorie dense carbohydrate foods.

My strategy is to consume big portions of vegetables during the whole day so I feel full.

Bingo Rimer
Photo: Bingo Rimer (Stockholm, Sweden 2003)

One good thing about vegetables beside the fact they have a lot of vitamins and minerals is that I can eat tremendous amounts of them. I like that. But they also help digesting all the protein I consume. It takes a lot of energy for the human body to turn vegetables into energy so my metabolism increases.

Vegetables also trick your body into believing it receives more energy than it actually does. Why so? Well, since a full stomach signals to the brain it has received enough nutrients, you can easier shed body fat without your brain telling your body it's starving. When the body perceives something like starvation, you have a tough job trying to build muscle and lose fat.

For me eating vegetables mean I can eat more without getting fat and gain muscle mass simultaneously.

Karel Savry
Photo: Pavel Ythjall (Los Angeles, U.S.A 2002)
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