I'm a real supplement-a-holic! I love trying different sports supplements and see what difference they make.

I use a lot of protein powder since it's convenient. I believe in loads of l-glutamine so I use about 40-50 grams a day. I cannot say I recommend that high a dose to other people, but it has helped me in my training for sure!

Many people stay away from supplements due to the aspartame content. Many so-called experts claim it increases the risk of cancer, but this has yet not been proved. I have a relaxed attitude towards this "danger". I guess it's more dangerous to cross the streets...I ride motorbikes and that's risky too, but hey, you cannot live a good life without taking a lot of risks!

What many experts forget too is fast food actually kills more people every year than anything else! So, aspartame is nothing to be afraid of according to my opinion.

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