Planning meals

I'm lucky to have a job where I'm able to have my meals whenever I want to.

It was however not that way before. At high school, I refused to eat what the cafeteria offered. Instead I brought my own food. When I worked as a black Jack dealer the whole nights I brought protein shakes that I stored under the table...

There is no such thing as "being too busy" or "not being able to bring pre-made meals"!

Photo: Pavel Ythjall (Sweden, 2004)

A meal could be a can of tuna and a carrot, a protein shake and a tomato, some nuts and a cup of cottage cheese, an MRP etc.

Nobody has the time to really cook and the good part is you don't have to! Just make sure you get your diet to work for you, not against you!

I usually have a big plastic jar where I put two large broiled chicken breasts, cut them in two parts, add some veggies, pour some Udo's choice over it voila, four meals ready for the day!

Photo: Pavel Ythjall (Gotland, Sweden 2002)

Then we have the embarrassment factor...Sometimes it's hard to stand up for your self when you open a can of mackerel on the road where people watch you.

Well, heck, you won't see them again and remember they definitely won't look as good as you do anyway!

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