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There are many different diets that all promise the same thing: to get you ripped and muscular. I have tried quite a few but the last one and a half years I have improved my physique and to a great extent I have my diet to thank for that.

Before I followed the conventional bodybuilder diet, I never thought I would use dextrose (sugar) before and after working out even when I was on a strict diet!

What you're now going to take part of is the best ever diet plan I have used so far. It's not a traditional one, but an extremely well working diet.

Before I used to have six small meals a day, mostly protein and only carbohydrates for breakfast and directly after training. I believed carbohydrates at other times than at those two occasions would be detrimental to my physique.

Everywhere you're being told to "skip the carbohydrates!" to get shredded. Is this true? Not at all!

Carbohydrates are the most anabolic macronutrient there is. It releases insulin that pushes nutrients into you muscles and fat deposits.

Many people think they consume enough protein since thy follow the one Gram of protein per pound of bodyweight rule. For hard-working trainers this is often too little to support muscle building.

As you see there may be a lot of things you could improve diet wise to reach your potential.

Pavel Ythjall
Photo: Pavel Ythjall (Stockholm, Sweden 2004)

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Body Building Secrets Revealed

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