Cheat days

Are cheat days good for you or not? Well, there is no physical need for junk food, so don't try to justify eating crap for that reason. Mentally though, indulging in sweets and fat-laden goodies are one of the good part of life!

It all depends on what your goals are, how your body works, your mental need for a break, how close to a show you are etc. When I'm not dieting for a show or a photo shoot I have a cheat day every other week. That special day I follow my regular diet the whole day, but in the afternoon I indulge in pan pizza, candy, chocolate and ice cream!

I gain about 6 lbs after those festivities, of course most of it is water retention, but after two weeks and it's time for a new cheat day, I have lost more body fat and look better than two weeks earlier.

I have these cheat days because it's fun and I love food and sweets.

When it's time for real dieting I cut out those cheat days and have one day a week when I have extra grilled salmon, even more vegetables and a couple of protein bars.

I wish I were on of those people who have a piece of cake or a slice of pizza and then it's enough. Well, I'm not like that, I cannot control myself that way. Not yet!

The take home message here is: cheat if you want to, but don't do it because you think it speeds up your metabolism. If that is what you want, just have more of your regular diet foods for a day a week. That is just good for replenishing glycogen and to stay sane!

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