Whats to Drink

Just plain water: It's the most available fluid around and often your best choice! Juice and milk make good beverage options, too, since they supply other nutrients besides water. For example, juice offers vitamins A or C, or both, and milk is calcium-rich. Other beverage choices—coffee, tea, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks—don't offer the nutrient benefits of milk, fortified soy beverage, or juice.

Why drink water? For starters, water has no calories. If you're trying to avoid extra calories, that's a definite advantage. In other beverages, such as regular soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, calories really can add up. Water is also low in sodium and has no fat or cholesterol. Watching your caffeine intake? Unlike many coffees, teas, and some soft drinks, you won't find caffeine in water either.

Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies

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