Whats on Todays Table

From all the foods available for today's table, why do consumers—why do you—choose one food over another? Consumer research says taste is the top reason—followed by nutrition, food safety, price, and convenience!

In the past decade or two there's been a real "change of plate" on the family table. As a consumer, perhaps you've noticed a shift with even more health- or flavor-focused food products, or in your own shopping and cooking patterns, lifestyles, and attitudes about food and health. You may be eating smarter to promote health. Like many others, you may be more adventuresome with food and want more flavor. Or in spite of ever better kitchens and cooking equipment, convenience and speed may be more important to you than before.

The diversity of foods in today's marketplace reflects the diversity of today's consumers. Rather than selling just to the mass market, food producers know the value of "different strokes for different folks." As a result, a variety of foods are produced and marketed to match unique needs: age, gender, health, lifestyle, ethnic or religious background, preferences, and economic resources, among others.

Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies

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