Well Informed

Are you well informed . . . or often confused about conflicting nutrition information? Can you easily find reliable nutrition information . . . or do you feel frustrated sorting through a maze of scientific news about healthy eating? For that matter, how do you stay up-to-date?

Probably, popular media—television, magazines, newspapers, and the Internet—are part of your health education "mix," alerting you to up-to-date food and nutrition issues, concerns, and advice. In fact, many people rely on media more than health professionals. For your own good health, you're wise to find credible sources and learn to judge the value of nutrition advice before using it to make your eating, lifestyle, and health decisions.

Where do teens and children learn about healthful eating? First and foremost, from you. So being well informed yourself ultimately teaches them. As kids get older, they learn from school, friends, and media, too. For computer-savvy kids, Web sites are an easy and private health information resource. Your challenge as a parent, caregiver, or teacher? Knowing enough to provide accurate information . . . and to direct those in your care to sources of sound eating and lifestyle guidance!

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