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How much salt do you typically add to food? Take the "shaker test" to find out. Cover a plate or a bowl with foil or plastic wrap. Now pretend your dinner is on the plate-or that the bowl is filled with popcorn. Salt your "food" just as you would if the bowl or plate was full of food. Now measure how much salt you added. If you shook as much as V4 teaspoon of salt, you added almost 600 milligrams of sodium to your meal or popcorn.

  • As easy substitutions, use low-fat and fat-free dairy products to trim calories, too.
  • To cut down on saturated fat and trans fat, experiment with cooking oil instead of margarine, butter, or lard. However, the texture of baked goods will differ, being coarser, mealier, and perhaps more oily. This substitution isn't suggested for quick breads, pastry, or sweet baked goods that are higher in fat to start.

Oil has more shortening power than solid fat, without the small amount of water that most solid fats contain. The recipe probably needs less oil than the amount of solid fat called for. Use this substitution:

V2 cup 6 tbsp.

• Replace some (not all) whole eggs with whites. Baked goods can be rubbery with only whites.

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