Track Your Food Choices Make Your Eat Smart Plan

Want a snapshot view of what you eat and how much you move for a day, several days, or even weeks? Judge your meals and snacks and your physical activity online—and see how they match advice from the 2005 Dietary Guidelines. MyPyramid Tracker, an interactive tool available online at USDA's, helps you assess your food choices and physical activity level. It also helps you see how well you balance the energy (calories) you consume with how much you use in physical activity.

Healthful eating is about balance, too: balancing the calories you take in with the calories you use. Get the most nutrition from your calories. Choose nutrient-dense foods (foods with substantial amounts of nutrients, yet relatively few calories). And keep calories under control as you follow nutrient and food group advice.

For more about vitamins, minerals, andphytonu-trients, refer to chapter 4, with specific nutrient information for infants, children, and teens in chapters 15 and 16, and women and older adults in chapters 17 and 18. Explore MyPyramid in chapter 10 and the DASH eating plan in chapter 22.

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