Tips for Travel Tips for Day Care

  • Pack unopened jars of commercial baby food. Even cereal comes in jars. Ready-to-feed formula in a prepackaged bottle is handy, especially since it doesn't require refrigeration. Or use powdered formula. Just premeasure water and powder into separate containers, then mix when it's needed.
  • Keep perishable food, such as bottles of prepared infant formula or breast milk, well chilled. Pack them in an insulated container with frozen cold packs or buried in ice in a plastic bag. When you arrive at your destination, refrigerate.

Bottles, already cold from your refrigerator, can stay safe for up to eight hours in sterile sealed bottles in an insulated bottle bag, or for about four hours if they're stored in ice cubes in a plastic bag.

  • Have everything handy: food, utensils, bib, and baby wipes or a clean, damp washcloth. If someone else is feeding your baby, provide feeding instructions, too, including the time and approximate amount to feed.
  • Keep food separate from soiled diapers. And don't put food and bottles in a diaper bag that's frequently exposed to soiled diapers.
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