Resource Conservation

  • Resist the urge to buy food you don't need. Buy only the amount your family will eat.
  • Look for products in packaging that can be recycled, such as aluminum cans, steel cans, glass containers, recycled plastic, and paperboard cartons that are gray on the inside. On plastic containers, look for the recycling symbol with a number in the center. Lower numbers are recycled more easily.
  • Recycle. Keep a recycling bin. Dispose of recyclables according to municipal regulations and services.
  • Reuse glass or plastic food packages. Clean them well with hot, soapy water if used for food storage.
  • If you grow your own vegetables, make a compost heap. Add kitchen waste—for example, corn husks and melon rinds—to your compost heap.
  • Keep your refrigerator in check. Use perishable foods before they spoil and need to be discarded.




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