Delicious and nutritious—vegetarian dishes are typical fare in many parts of the world. As you flip the pages of ethnic cookbooks or glance through the menu of an ethnic restaurant, try to build your meal around dishes like these. They're dle East, Greece, India, China, Mexico, or parts of Africa. (Tip for vegans: Ghee, used in many dishes from India, is melted, clarified butter.) Also see "Vegetarian Dishes in the Global Kitchen" on this page.

  • Ask for a vegetarian meal when you book long airline flights. If you need to, find out ahead if the meal is egg- and dairy-free. For airlines that don't offer vegetarian meals, request a fruit plate or pack snacks. See "Diningat35,000Feet!"in chapter 14.
  • For organized meal functions, request a vegetarian meal ahead.

School Meals for Vegetarian Kids

  • Review school menus with your child, and practice what he or she might order. If the school doesn't provide menus to parents, ask the school staff.
  • Suggest the salad bar as a nutritious option—if it's available. A salad bar can be a good place to go for fresh vegetables and possibly for other nutrient-packed choices, including fruits, beans, sunflower seeds, cheese, or hard-cooked eggs.
  • When the school menu doesn't offer an option for your child, pack a lunch. A peanut butter sandwich is always popular (if your child doesn't have a peanut allergy). For the child who doesn't want to appear different, it's the food that almost all kids eat— vegetarian or not!

typically made without meat, poultry, or fish—but check to be sure. Internationally, rice and beans—a high-protein food combination—also comes to the table nearly everywhere uniquely prepared and seasoned.

Vegetarian Dishes in the Global Kitchen


Callaloo: one-pot meal (stew) made with dark-green leafy vegetables, a variety of other vegetables, peppers, and seasonings Black-eyed pea patties: black-eyed peas mashed with eggs and seasonings, then quickly pan-fried in a small amount of oil Pois et ris: kidney beans and rice flavored with smoked meat and seasonings Gunga: pigeon peas and rice


Vegetable-tofu stir-fry: variety of thinly sliced vegetables and cubed bean curd stir-fried with soy sauce and perhaps vegetable broth Egg foo yung: frittatalike dish made by combining slightly whipped eggs with sliced vegetables, then frying in a skillet until browned; also may be prepared with meat or poultry Hot and sour soup: hot soup with tofu Vegetable potstickers: steamed vegetable dumplings Soybean cakes: stir-fried tofu with steamed rice

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