Quackery What You Can Do

No one has to be the victim of nutrition fraud. To protect yourself, know how to identify fraud and quackery, and where to find sound nutrition information.

  • Retain a healthy skepticism as your best defense against a "quack attack." And take time to be well informed before you invest in a nutrition product, treatment, or service. Give it the "Ten Questions" test on page 629 before you buy.
  • Seek advice from reliable sources. If you're suspicious about a statement, product, or service, contact a credible nutrition source—for example, a registered dietitian, your public health department, the medical or nutrition department of a nearby college or university, or your county Extension office. See "NeedNutrition Advice?" in this chapter.
  • Report nutrition fraud. If you suspect that a statement, product, or service is fraudulent or false, inquire

Have You Ever Wondered

. . . how to check out diet scams? Besides talking with a nutrition expert, check the Federal Trade Commission (www.ftc.gov), which may list diet scams it's prosecuted.

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