Play Ten Questions

uspicious when something sounds too good to be Ask: Does the promotion of a nutrition product, regi-true? To avoid the lure, arm yourself with these men, service, treatment, or device . . . questions-even when you aren't suspicious!




Try to lure you with scare tactics, emotional appeals, or perhaps with a "money-back guarantee" rather than proven results?


Promise to "revitalize," "detoxify," or "balance your body with nature"? Or does it claim to increase your stamina, stimulate your body's healing power, or boost your energy level?


Offer "proof" based on personal anecdotes or testimonials rather than sound science?


Advise supplements as "insurance" for everyone? Or recommend very large doses of nutrients? "Very large" means significantly more than 100 percent of the Daily Values (DVs). See the Appendices for DV levels.


Claim it can "treat," "cure," or "prevent" diverse health problems . . . from arthritis to cancer to sexual impotence?


Make unrealistic claims such as "reverse the aging process" or "cure disease" or "quick, easy approach"?


Blame the food supply as the source of health or behavior problems? Belittle government regulations? Or discredit the advice of recognized medical authorities?


Claim that its "natural" benefits surpass those of "synthetic" products?


Mention a "secret formula"? Or fail to list ingredients on its product label or to state any possible side effects?


Come from a "nutrition expert" without accepted credentials? Does that person also sell the product?

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