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Pizza is nutritious fast food with the nutritional benefits of three or more food groups in one or two slices. The crust supplies starches and B vitamins, the cheese is a good source of calcium and protein, and the tomato sauce and vegetable toppings add vitamins A, C, and phytonutrients. Meat or seafood toppers add protein, iron, and some vitamins, too.

The actual nutrient content depends on what you put on top—and the type of crust you order. The good news is: You can be the architect of your pizza, controlling the toppings along with the nutrient and calorie content and the flavor.

• Consider the crust. For more fiber, build your pizza on a whole-wheat crust. To trim the calories, order a thin-crust pizza rather than a thick-crust or deep-dish pizza. A stuffed-crust pizza can have considerably

Pizza Toppings

Enjoy More Often

Enjoy Sometimes

Artichoke hearts


Bell peppers


Broccoli florets

Extra cheese

Canadian bacon or lean ham




Eggplant slices


Green onions, chopped


Jalapeno peppers

Lean ground meat

Mushroom slices

Onion slices

Pineapple chunks



Tomato slices

Tuna or salmon

Zucchini slices

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