Myths about Snacking

Snacking: a smart habit—or not? Actually, there's no need to feel guilty about snacking. In fact, here's the truth behind common snacking myths.

Myth: Snacking makes you fat!

Fact: There's no direct link per se between snacking and body weight. The issue is total calories in and out, not snacking itself, that determine whether you gain, lose, or maintain weight.

Snacking may have weight-control advantages. Eaten well before mealtime, snacks help take the edge off hunger, helping you avoid overeating at meals. For smart snacking choose foods carefully to fit with your day's calorie target. And be sensible with mega-size snacks and drinks.

Myth: Snacking causes cavities.

Fact: Frequent snacking can promote cavities. The longer teeth come in contact with food, particularly carbohydrate foods, the more time bacteria in plaque have to produce acids that damage tooth enamel.

To control a plaque attack, consume the whole snack at one time rather than constant nibbling. Brush and/or floss when you finish snacking to remove food that sticks to and between teeth—or rinse your mouth

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