MyPyramid Power

For healthful eating, MyPyramid symbolizes that one size doesn't fit all. Instead it's personal, meant for healthful eating and physical activity—your way, each day. In a nutshell, MyPyramid says:

  • Be active. The person climbing up the steps reminds you to fit physical activity into every day.
  • Vary your choices. The six bands stand for the five food groups plus an area for oils. For health, consume a variety among and within these groups to get the array of nutrients you need. No one food or food group supplies all the nutrients, fiber, and other substances your body needs. (Besides, variety adds flavor, interest, and pleasure to eating!)
  • Think in proportions. The food-group bands differ in width, reminding you to eat more of some types of foods than others. These widths are just estimates—not specifically the amount that's right for you. Because you're unique, your pattern is unique, too.
  • Make moderation your mind-set—and your everyday eating habit. For each food group, the wider base stands for foods with little or no solid fats or added sugars; eat them more often. The narrower top stands for foods with more added sugars and solid fats; go easy! The more active you are, the more of these foods you can consume. Another great reason to live an active lifestyle!"/>
  • Customize. You have many options for healthful eating and active living. Use the Web site——to choose the kinds and amounts of food just right for you.
  • Improve gradually. Take small steps to healthier eating and active living. Small steps add up to big benefits!

MyPyramid—for You

MyPyramid is meant for any healthy person, ages two on up—unless he or she is on a special diet to manage a health problem. Refer to:

  • MyPyramid for Kids—chapter 16.
  • MyPyramid for Vegetarians—chapter 20.
  • DASH Eating Plan as another approach to eat for health—chapter 22.
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