MyPyramid An Eating Guide for a Healthier

Looking for a sensible strategy for smart eating— meant for you? No matter what you like to eat or your eating style, MyPyramid is just that! It's a plan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, designed to help you choose the foods and amounts that are right for you, to balance with your daily physical activity. Meant for healthy people ages two on up, it helps you—and your family—put sound nutrition advice, based on the latest science, into action. Think of it as your practical, everyday strategy for making the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and other nutrition standards work in your life.

Best of all, MyPyramid has enough flexibility to fit in foods that match your lifestyle, your food preferences, and your personal nutrition and health needs. It truly is . . . all about you!

Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies

Do You Want To Know About A Magical Drink? A Drink That Is A Refreshing Twist For Every Party! A Drink That Is Full of Nutrients And Energy! Green Smoothies A Perfect Blend of Fruits And Green Vegetables!

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