What it does:

  • Works with riboflavin to incorporate the iron stored in the body into hemoglobin for making red blood cells.
  • Is part of many body enzymes.

If you don't get enough: With a normal diet, there's no need to worry about a deficiency. A deficiency of the enzymes made with molybdenum affects the nervous system, and in extreme cases may result in death.

If you consume excess amounts: Too much may have reproductive effects, but harmful levels are quite uncommon. The Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) is 1,700 micrograms daily during the years fourteen to eighteen, and 2,000 micrograms daily during adulthood.

How much you need: The RDA for molybdenum is 43 micrograms daily during the years fourteen to eighteen, and 45 micrograms daily during adulthood. During pregnancy and breast-feeding, the RDA level goes up to 50 micrograms daily for teen and adult women.

Where it's mostly found: Molybdenum is found mostly in milk, legumes, liver, breads, and grain products. The amount consumed in a typical eating pattern appears adequate. Little is known about the actual amounts in foods.

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