Milk Group Get Your Calcium Rich Foods

Milk itself belongs in this food group—and so do the calcium-rich foods made from milk, such as yogurt and cheese. The most healthful choices—fat-free and low-fat dairy foods—are also the most nutrient-rich. If you choose dairy foods with more fat, those fat calories count as your "extra" discretionary calories. Added sugars in sweetened milk products, such as flavored milk, yogurt, drinkable yogurt, and desserts, also count as discretionary calories.

A few dairy foods—butter, cream, cream cheese, and sour cream—contribute fat, but few other nutri ents. They're made from the cream that naturally separates from unhomogenized milk and don't count as Milk Group foods.

What about calcium-fortified foods and drinks, such as orange juice and soy beverages? While they may provide calcium and vitamin D, they may not provide other nutrients found in milk and milk products. These products supply calcium for those who don't consume milk and milk products and need other sources of calcium. Refer to chapter 21 for handling lactose intolerance.

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