Milk Cocoa and Flavored Milks Calcium Rich Choices

Like all beverages, milk supplies that essential nutrient water: about 89 percent by weight. And as one of the best calcium sources in the American diet, milk offers a lot more.

Along with water, milk supplies many essential nutrients; here's what just 1 cup (8 ounces) supplies. Do a little math to see what the recommended three cups of milk (or the equivalent) daily from the Milk Group provide.

Nutrients in 8 Ounces Calcium (305 mg.) Vitamin D (100 IU) Vitamin A (500 IU) Protein (8 g.) Potassium (380 mg.) Riboflavin (0.4 mg.) Vitamin B12 (1.3 mcg.) Phosphorus (245 mg.) Niacin and niacin equivalents (2 NE)

% Daily Value 30

25 10 16 11

26 22 25

Among the various types of milk—whole, 2 percent reduced-fat, 1 percent low-fat, and fat-free—the fat content varies, along with the calorie content. However, the contributions of other nutrients, including water, are about the same.

Flavored milk, perhaps fruit- or chocolate-flavored, can be a healthful option. For chocolate milk, the difference is an additional 60 calories per 8-ounce serving from the added sweetener, and chocolate or cocoa. Whether it's flavored or unflavored, milk supplies the same amounts of calcium, phosphorus, protein, riboflavin, and vitamin D. To compare the calories and nutrients in various milk, see "Milk: A Good Calcium Source" in chapter 10.

The fact that many kids like flavored milk has prompted the question: do the sugar and caffeine in chocolate milk cause hyperactivity? No scientific evidence suggests a link between sugar and hyperactivity, mood swings, or academic performance. The amount of caffeine in the chocolate or cocoa is very small. Some soft drinks provide much more caffeine. See the chart "Caffeine: What Sources, How Much?"later in this chapter.

Among other dairy options: drinkable yogurt, smoothies, and hot cocoa made with milk rather than water. They, too, deliver calcium; read the label's ingredient list and the Nutrition Facts to compare the calories and other nutrients. Drinkable yogurt and

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